Residential Services

Recology Mountain View specializes in resource recovery programs and provides recycling, yard trimmings and garbage services to single-family homes. With over 90 years of experience, Recology has the expertise to meet your needs.

Please set out your recycling, yard trimmings and garbage carts in the street no later than 6:00am on collection day. Place carts at least 18 inches apart in the street by the curb.

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Recology Mountain View - Split CartRecology Mountain View provides a convenient curbside recycling collection program to all residential customers.


Acceptable Recycling Material
Place recyclable materials into your split cart container!
Please empty all containers, remove lids, and make sure materials are not concealed in a plastic bag before placing them into the split cart. There is no need to remove any labels.

Household Batteries
Place used household batteries in a sealed clear plastic bag and set on top of recycling cart.


Glass (blue lid)
All colors of bottles and jars.

  • Glass Bottles (beer, juice, soda, wine)
  • Glass Jars (pasta sauce, salsa, jelly)


Plastic (blue lid)
Plastic bottles & tubs marked #1-7

  • Detergent and shampoo bottles

  • Milk and orange juice jugs

  • Water, soda & juice bottles

  • Yogurt, margarine & cottage cheese tubs

Paper (gray lid)
Most clean and dry household paper:

  • Brown paper bags
  • Cardboard (please flatten cardboard)
  • Chipboard (cereal, cracker, shoe or gift boxes)
  • Junk mail
  • Magazines, catalogs and phone books
    (includes glossy publications)
  • Newspaper (include inserts)
  • Office paper (all colors)


Metal (blue lid)
No need to crush cans.

  • Aluminum cans (soda & beer)
  • Tin Cans (vegetable & meat products, pet food, soup)
  • Foil
Unacceptable Recycling Material
Please do not place the following un-recyclable materials into your split cart container!
Construction Debris
  • Concrete, rocks, dirt

Electronic / Universal Waste
  • Televisions, computers, cell phones, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury switches

Household Hazardous Waste

  • Paints, solvents, cooking oil, motor oil, cleaners, corrosives, fuel tanks - propane tanks 

Green Waste

  • Grass, leaves, tree and bush cuttings

Close the Loop - Buy Recycled!

There is another important step to recycling: buying products made with recycled content. When you purchase products with recycled content, manufacturers will continue to use recyclables in their products and will expand their use to other products.

Compare labels to find the product with the highest percentage of "post-consumer" recycled content. ("Post-consumer" is the material you recycle in your curbside bin.) Many products, such as greeting cards, tissue, toilet paper and paper towels, offer a variety of recycled-content choices. Aluminum cans almost always contain high post-consumer recycled content.  

Recycling Symbol
Remember to look for the familiar "chasing arrows" recycling symbol when you shop!


You can help the environment and your wallet by buying reusable products. Consider dish towels and cloth napkins in place of paper towels and disposable napkins. Rechargeable batteries and products in reusable packaging, such as glass jars, are smart choices.

Instead of throwing that old coat or dress away, donate your unwanted household items to a charity or second-hand store.

Yard Trimmings 

Recology Mountain View Yard Waste CartYard trimmings collection is provided to residential customers of Mountain View. Yard trimmings are used to produce rich compost that can be applied by local residents and farmers, rather than going to waste in a landfill.


Acceptable Yard Trimmings Material
Only place yard trimmings into your brown cart!
Accepted Yard Trimmings
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Tree and shrub prunings
  • Weeds
Important Yard Trimmings Notes!
  • Plastic bags must not be placed inside your brown cart.

  • Tree and shrub prunings must be cut small enough to fit inside the cart with the lid completely closed.

  • If you regularly have extra yard trimmings, you can order a second yard trimmings cart at no charge.

  • Please, do not place items on top of the cart.
Unacceptable Yard Trimmings Material
Please do not place the following materials into your brown cart!

Construction Debris

  • Concrete, rocks, dirt, asphalt

Electronic / Universal Waste
  • Televisions, computers, cell phones, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury switches

  • Un-recyclable items


Household Hazardous Waste

  • Paints, solvents, motor oil, cleaners, corrosives, used syringes

Organic Material
  • Food waste, animal feces or manure, painted or treated lumber, plywood or particle board
  • Palm fronds, bamboo, cactus, ice plant, yucca, ivy or poison oak

Recyclable Material
  • Recyclable glass, metal, paper and plastic


black toterAll materials should be placed inside of the carts. Do not place waste materials on top, or next to your garbage cart, as they will not be collected.

You may dispose of occasional excess garbage by purchasing a $5 Extra Bag Tag. This tag is good for one 32-gallon garbage bag. Attach the tag to the bag, and place the bag on the ground next to your garbage cart. The tag must be visible to the driver. Tags may be purchased at the Mountain View Recycle Center (935 Terra Bella Avenue).


Acceptable Garbage Material
Only put non-recyclable materials into your black container!


  • Ceramics, dishware, drinking glasses, Pyrex, porcelain, stemware
  • Light bulbs (no fluorescent bulbs)
  • Mirrors or window glass

  • Food trays or pans
  • Scrap metal
  • Empty spray cans (hair spray or paint)

Organic Material
  • Animal feces or manure
  • Food & food waste
  • Lumber, plywood or particle board



  • Adhesive-backed paper
  • Carbon paper
  • Hardcover books or binders
  • Photographs
  • Plastic or foil lining cereal or cracker boxes
  • Soiled papers, food wrappings, napkins, tissues or towels
  • Thermal fax paper

  • Food trays or deli containers
  • Plastic bags or wrap
  • Plastic furniture
  • PVC or other piping
  • Styrofoam containers and packing peanuts
  • Toys, trays, cups, garden hoses, plant pots, furniture
Unacceptable Garbage Material
Please do not place the following materials into your black container

Construction Debris

  • Concrete, rocks, dirt

Electronic / Universal Waste
  • Televisions, computers, cell phones, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury switches


Household Hazardous Waste

  • Paints, solvents, motor oil, cleaners, corrosives, fuel tanks - propane tanks

Recyclable Glass, Metal, Paper and Plastic
  • All recyclable materials

On Call Plus Clean Up & Dump Vouchers

On Call Plus Clean Up Services

Residents can schedule up to (3) three clean ups per calendar year. Each one allows for the collection of bagged or boxed items, (total set out not to exceed a 4 ft. high by 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. long), and up to three bulky (large) items.

Items we accept in this program:

  • Bundled yard waste (no longer than 4' in length)
  • Stacked wood (no longer than 4' in length)
  • Sofa
  • Mattress
  • Washing Machine/Dryer
  • Television
  • Computer
  • Air Conditioner

Dump Voucher

Residents may exchange a clean up appointment for a voucher to haul items directly to the SMaRT Station at no charge.

To make an appointment for your On Call Plus clean up or to order a dump voucher, call Recology Mountain View at (650) 967-3034 or email customer service.

Bin for a Day & Recycle My Junk

Bin for a Day

For those who need more than On Call Plus service can provide, but don't need a large debris box, you can now rent a dumpster bin. We will deliver the bin to your property and pick it up no more than seven days after delivery.

Get a quote.

Recycle My Junk

Don't want to move your stuff to the curb or load up the dumpster? Recology can do the heavy lifting and moving for you! Fees apply, and estimates will be given per circumstance.


Billing Questions?

Call the City of Mountain View's Finance Department at (650) 903-6317.

Visit the City's Utility Billing Page.

Service Questions?

Call Recology Mountain View at (650) 967-3034 or email customer service.