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Mountain View Resource: Quarterly newsletter, providing information to the community about recycling, reuse, waste prevention, and pollution prevention.

mountain view resource newsletter

Mountain View Recycle Center: State Certified buy-back center that buys CRV (California Redemption Value) materials. Accepts other recyclable materials without payment.


SMaRT Station: Processes residential and commercial recycling, yard trimmings and garbage. Provides buy-back as well as drop-off services for residents and businesses of the community.

smart station Provides information on the proper disposal of all materials, City recycling events, and the City’s waste diversion goals.

city of mountain view

Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste:

household hazardous waste drop-off program

Santa Clara County HHW Program


Santa Clara County Center for the Development of Recycling: Is an excellent resource for discovering vendors who recycle just the things you are looking to get rid of (furniture, mattresses, old car parts, clothing, wood scraps, metal scraps, etc..).





Recology Mountain View is the resource recovery company for the Mountain View community. We currently provide Recycling, Organics, and Garbage collection services to approximately 22,000 residential accounts and 3,000 commercial accounts in Mountain View.

Recology is recognized as the leader in resource recovery and is the largest employee-owned company in the industry. Our rally cry is "WASTE ZERO," which represents our daily commitment to finding the best and highest use of all resources and promoting the diversion of materials away from the landfill. We pride ourselves on our environmental conscience, providing first class customer service, and contributing to the high quality of life in Mountain View.

Thank you for visiting our site and please contact us if you have any questions. 

 Reduce Reuse Recycle Recologize!


 From the President and CEO...

The Recology rally cry is two simple words: 

What do we mean by WASTE ZERO?  It means using resources wisely, generating waste only as necessary, and finding ways to use those waste products in ways that benefit the environment.  It means landfilling only those materials we haven't yet figured out a use for.  We are passionate and committed to reducing waste and recycling everything we can.